Forum Announcement: Help us Help you
10-16-2009, 03:10 PM
Help us Help you
It would really help us out if you answered the following questions when you post a question:

  1. State your operating system(s), any software involved in your problem, & any major updates (i.e. service pack, version, edition, service release, roll up, beta release, distribution [Linux], etc.) to your operating system/software as applicable to your problem.
  2. For hardware issues also provide your system information: RAM, processor, etc. in addition to your operating system.
  3. If you have more than one operating system on your computer, how does your problem relate to your other operating system(s)? This is especially important for hardware issues.
  4. Provide as much detail as possible, being specific as even the most minute detail could help others help you solve the problem. Please tell us what you have tried. Please tell us the make/model of your computer.
  5. Respond with the result(s) of the suggestion(s) from the other users to provide feedback, even if this only means saying "This solution worked!" This helps other users when they find your topic looking for help.
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